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1 MTF via Sinusoidal Targets The MTF of an imaging system can be detennined using much of the same procedure discussed above for the resolution test. The target placed in the lamp house will be a high modulation sinusoidal target having groups of different spatial frequency. A series of recordings is made across the field as before. The developed film is then analyzed with the aid of a microdensitometer8 (whose principle of operation will be discussed in Sec. 9). The microdensitometer scans the images of the sinusoidal density patterns with a microscopic sampling aperture (slit).

19. The spherical primary is in the background (toward the left). A Schmidt corrector plate and camera test fixture are in the foreground. A close-up view of the test fixture with a lens attached is shown in Fig. 21. 18. Fuzzy image due to aberration. 19. A practical collimator scheme for conducting resolution tests. 1 Resolution Tests Using Film3,4,6 The test fixture in Fig. 21 is set up to use film as a recording medium. There are three important features. First, when the lens is aligned to the collimator, the film plane (or format) is precisely perpendicular to the lens optical axis.

If this precaution is not taken you will end up measuring less spherical aberration than is actually present in the lens. 3. (a) Examples of zonal masks; (b) Use of zonal masks to measure longitudinal spherical aberration. (a) 28 INTRODUCTION TO OPTICAL TESTING Next, construct a series of masks which will be placed in sequence in front of the lens. The first mask will contain a small circular aperture. The other masks will be annular zones of increasing diameter. 3 (a). Make sure that all mask zones lie within the collimated beam diameter defined by the stop.

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