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By William F. Lawhead

The Philosophical trip: An Interactive technique, is a text/reader which boosts comprehension of philosophical learn via permitting the reader to contemplate, discover and actively perform the educational approach. Philosophy turns into a private trip to scholars via invoice Lawhead's leading edge and distinctive pedagogy which promises philosophical options via extra digestible chunks.

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That I learn of others, I replied, is quite true; but that I am ungrateful I wholly deny. Money I have none, and therefore I pay in praise, which is all I have: and how ready I am to praise any one who appears to me to speak well you will very soon find out when you answer; for I expect that you will answer well. Having flattered Thrasymachus’s rather enormous ego, Socrates moves the conversation to the fourth step of his dialectic. indd 24 In the next passage, identify Thrasymachus’s definition of justice.

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our different ways—I to die, and you to live. Which is better only the god knows. Socrates lived and died a philosopher—a lover of wisdom. Wisdom was, he thought, the most important goal we could pursue. Without it, we would be cursed with the most dire poverty a person could endure. The survey in “Philosophy in the Marketplace” asks you to think about and have others think about what it means to be wise. SOCRATES’ METHOD If wisdom is the most important goal in life to Socrates, how did he go about pursuing it?

The story begins with Socrates and his friends meeting in town on the occasion of a religious festival. They end up at the home of Polemarchus and meet his father, Cephalus, a retired and wealthy businessman. Cephalus talks about the joys of growing old and the virtue of having lived a fulfilled life. Socrates is keenly interested in what he has to say and begins to ask him about what has filled his life with peace and happiness. At this point in the story, we begin at the first step of Socrates’ philosophical dialectic.

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