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By Ron Larson, D.C. Falvo

With a similar layout and have units because the industry top Precalculus, 8/e, this concise textual content presents either scholars and teachers with sound, constantly dependent factors of the mathematical suggestions. PRECALCULUS: A CONCISE path is designed to provide an economical, one-semester replacement to the normal two-semester precalculus textual content. It includes the positive factors that experience made the Larson/Hostetler sequence a whole resolution for either scholars and teachers: attention-grabbing functions, pedagogically potent layout, and leading edge know-how mixed with an abundance of rigorously constructed examples with worked-out ideas and routines.

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You can use a calculator to complete the table, as shown at the left. b. 27. From the graph, you can estimate that a height of 71 inches corresponds to a weight of about 161 pounds. 27 c. To confirm algebraically the estimate found in part (b), you can substitute 71 for x in the model. 70 So, the graphical estimate of 161 pounds is fairly good. Now try Exercise 87. com for worked-out solutions to odd-numbered exercises. VOCABULARY: Fill in the blanks. 1. An ordered pair ͑a, b͒ is a ________ of an equation in x and y if the equation is true when a is substituted for x, and b is substituted for y.

Y 41. y 42. Խ Խ 66. y ϭ ͑6 Ϫ x͒Ίx 68. y ϭ 2 Ϫ x ԽԽ In Exercises 69–76, write the standard form of the equation of the circle with the given characteristics. 1 ϩ1 x2 65. y ϭ xΊx ϩ 6 67. y ϭ x ϩ 3 4 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. Center: ͑0, 0͒; Radius: 4 Center: ͑0, 0͒; Radius: 5 Center: ͑2, Ϫ1͒; Radius: 4 Center: ͑Ϫ7, Ϫ4͒; Radius: 7 Center: ͑Ϫ1, 2͒; Solution point: ͑0, 0͒ Center: ͑3, Ϫ2͒; Solution point: ͑Ϫ1, 1͒ Endpoints of a diameter: ͑0, 0͒, ͑6, 8͒ Endpoints of a diameter: ͑Ϫ4, Ϫ1͒, ͑4, 1͒ 4 2 2 x −4 2 x 4 2 −2 4 6 8 77.

29. 31. y ϭ 5x Ϫ 6 y ϭ Ίx ϩ 4 y ϭ 3x Ϫ 7 y ϭ 2x3 Ϫ 4x 2 y2 ϭ 6 Ϫ x Խ Խ 24. 26. 28. 30. 32. y ϭ 8 Ϫ 3x y ϭ Ί2x Ϫ 1 y ϭ Ϫ x ϩ 10 y ϭ x 4 Ϫ 25 y2 ϭ x ϩ 1 Խ Խ 22 Chapter 1 Functions and Their Graphs In Exercises 33– 40, use the algebraic tests to check for symmetry with respect to both axes and the origin. 33. x 2 Ϫ y ϭ 0 35. y ϭ x 3 x 37. y ϭ 2 x ϩ1 2 39. xy ϩ 10 ϭ 0 34. x Ϫ y 2 ϭ 0 36. y ϭ x 4 Ϫ x 2 ϩ 3 38. y ϭ 40. xy ϭ 4 In Exercises 41– 44, assume that the graph has the indicated type of symmetry.

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