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Plato Ion - Or: On the Iliad. Edited with Introduction and Commentary (Amsterdam Studies in Classical Philology - Vol. 14)

This booklet offers a revised textual content of Plato's Ion, with complete gear criticus, and an intensive observation, with a linguistic orientation. Linguistic concerns also are the best precept within the selection of one MS studying instead of one other. particular realization is paid to questions of punctuation.

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34 31 Jahr, H. (1999) Welcome address to the 40th IEA General Assembly 30 August 1999 Holmen Fjordhotell. , Doig, B. & O’Connor, G. (2000). Comparison of Australia’s Revised Draft Year 7 Numeracy Benchmarks and International Standards. ACER and Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (mimeo). Page 30 Husen, T. (1987). See note 23. , Kellaghan, T. Monitoring the learning outcomes of education systems Washington, DC: The World Bank. 38 Howie, S. (1997) Mathematics and science performance in the middle school years in South Africa.

A solution: Countries which do not meet sample requirements are excluded from reports or their results are reported with caveats as in TIMSS and PISA. Comparisons over time The problem: Concern has been raised about the limitations of international surveys for making causal inferences about patterns of student achievement over time. Concerns raised include: studies are not adequately linked, countries can change relative positions as a result of chance, a country can rise or fall in its relative position as a result of changes another country has made.

Paper prepared as background for theme 3 of the OECD Analytical Report. 4 OECD (1989). See note 2. , Postlethwaite, T. , Spearitt, D. & Wolf, R. (1999) The benefits and limitations of international educational achievement studies. France: International Institute for Educational Planning/UNESCO. , Smith, T. & Kelly, D. (1996) Science achievement in the middle school years. IEA: TIMSS International Study Center, Boston. Levin, H. (1988) Educational performance standards and the economy. Educational Researcher, 27 (4) 4-10.

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