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He Is the messiah, sent for the purpose of proclaiming the truth. The tragedy of the world struggle, the tortures of man locked up in the vise of existence, all this was reflected in his music of that period. But it would be Idle to suppose that this reflection is adequate for the ideas themselves. adequate only for Skryabin's conception of these ideas. and fantastic mind, inclined to the broadest and most It is A live rapid generalisations. Inconsistent and at the same time schematic, Skryabin as a spiritual personality was neither Titan nor hero, but rather the average man.

But as time went on it became clearer that Skryabm's musical genius was somewhat "possessed"; his rhythms acquired a spasmodic nature. character, the musical web a jerky structure* were 'Veal consequences" of or the true direction in his Whether these incomplete psychic normality which such queer talent develops is hard to say. Skryabin did not found a school and he could not create one. Too intoxicating was the atmosphere of his creative ALYEKSANDR SKRYABIH 63 to bear lingerlngly, and school means There were many "Skryabinists" and nearly all of them were in Russia, for Skryabin has not succeeded In gaining even a tolerably firm footing abroad for But all these Skryabinists were Skryabinists by his art.

Just as his creative At present his fame formerly is spread only throughout Russia which countenance away from the excesand austerity of this music, but there is not the doubt that it will spread to Europe and America for always and everywhere that which has in it also turned its sive chastity slightest as well, seeds of eternity will gain a path for itself. And just; as the Russian romantic Musorgski has conquered the world, even though half a century behind time, exactly so the Russian classic, Taneyeff, will in time gain recognition, thereby proving that he was right, that the pure and holy service to the ideal of musical beauty proves truer and more SERGEY TANEYEFF enduring than the new restless seeking o irritations, that the greatness new 39 expressions and which music has been called to express may be expressed not only in the language of new forms, but also in the majestic language of ancient music and that this latter expression is perhaps the most suitable for the ideas and Images which appeal to human thought loftily attuned.

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