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By Marie Surridge

A realistic handbook designed to aid scholars of French to beat the matter of genders. the writer simplifies the duty via divining phrases into lexical different types, basic as opposed to advanced nouns and daily as opposed to discovered vocabulary. The actions target to facilitate studying through encouraging using adjectives and constructions which mark genders in actual fact.

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What size is it? What does it do? Your partner or opposing team is to create a new word for the invention on the model of tirebouchon. Your aim can be serious or jocular. Examples could include coupe-pain, essuie-vaisselle, lave-bouteilles, vide-poubelle, or even amuse-bébé. Page 46 Biological or Sociological Gender: The Gender of Animate Nouns It has already been said that the gender of animate nouns in French shows an association between male and masculine, female and feminine. However, this association is neither simple nor constant.

Page 51 La girafe et la panthère Activities (1) You are a journalist reporting on a serious accident involving a truck and a series of cars. Using the terms personne and victime, describe the state of some of the survivors and report the comments of some of the drivers. Alternatively, using the same words, report the opinions of several informants on air safety and airport security. (2) Describe the fauna in your neighbourhood or an area in which you have spent a holiday. Indicate why you believe certain animals favour this region, and why others do not.

There are two types: lexical abbreviations and acronyms. Lexical abbreviations une photo, feminine like photographie la manif, feminine like manifestation la radio, feminine like radiophonie la radio, feminine like radiographie la fac, feminine like faculté la télé, feminine like télévision un vélo, masculine like vélocipède Page 42 le micro, masculine like microphone le métro, masculine like métropolitain le Bac, masculine like Baccalauréat Acronyms (Abbreviations by Initialisation) le PQ, masculine like Parti Québécois le BQ, masculine like Bloc Québécois le cégep, masculine like collège d'éducation générale et pratique le DEUG, masculine like Diplome d'études universitaires générales le sida, masculine like syndrome d'immuno-déficience acquise ('AIDS') le TGV, masculine like train grande vitesse la TVA, feminine like taxe valeur ajoutée l'URSS, feminine like Union des républiques socialistes soviétiques l'ONU, feminine like Organisation des nations unies It is worth emphasising, obvious though the point is, that the ending of the abbreviated form is not directly relevant to its gender.

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