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This booklet argues primitive society is shaped at the foundation of kinship ties whereas a civilized society is shaped at the foundation of linguistic conversation. while people speak with one another via language, they expand the gap of communique. The extension of conversation distance is helping extend groups. States are steadily shaped. which means as those groups develop, they turn into too huge to be supported in basic terms by means of the binds of kinship. using language and the improvement of linguistic conversation underlies the institution of governments, the advent of legislation, the retaining of elections, and the flourishing of background, philosophy, literature, paintings, faith, and so forth. This ebook offers a brand new concept concerning the significance of language within the development of the states.

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The promotion of the use of Mandarin as a common language among the Uygur nationality is not so successful in the same period of time either. In the meantime at least a small portion of Uygurs hope to see the realization of high autonomy of that region in China or even hope to see the final independence of that region from China. The third kind of situation that shows how the development of language used by people influences the formation of the state because men are animals using language may be that when a group of people in a certain area set in motion a process in which they turn to using a language different from the language used by another group of people residing in the same area, a situation will occur in which people no longer maintain the condition for the generation of their original common interest and hence witness the birth of a new state due to the fact that this group of people now use a new language.

That is, this language is a new language created or adopted. The creation or adoption of this new language presupposes the formation of the common interest of this group of people. This means that the formation of a state is sometimes an outcome of the evolution of a certain language used by people forming that state. In other words, sometimes the formation of a state is due to the fact that the phenomenon of the “split of language” occurs. A change in language affects the formation of common interest.

The relatedness of variation of space in communication diminishes in some sense. Or we may say that space is almost seemingly not a variable in the effect of communication when written communication is performed. For instance, by performing written communication by virtue of a book or a pamphlet, people 28 Chapter One may be able to perform the same kind of communication no matter where they perform such communication. One case able to show this character is perhaps that written communication is able to go in a large space without losing the accuracy and reliability of the information transmitted in communication performed by people.

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