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By R. N. Yong, Frank C. Townsend

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The properties measured would not be those of the soil alone, but rather a combination of the properties of both soil and test apparatus; different sizes would give different results [35] and hard-to-interpret average pore pressure values if such measurements were made. Finite-element analyses have been made to study the distribution of stresses in the Roscoe device using nonlinear constitutive equations [36]. Copyright by ASTM Int'l (all rights reserved); Sun Dec 19 02:25:09 EST 2010 Downloaded/printed by University of British Columbia Library pursuant to License Agreement.

22 LABORATORY SHEAR STRENGTH OF SOIL normal forces is rigid, there will be a nonuniform and unknown distribution of vertical normal stresses on the plane of failure. The variation in stress and volume changes makes it difficult to correlate the observed vertical movements of the piston with the stresses and volume changes in the zone of failure. The horizontal, external, normal pressure exerted by the rings cannot be controlled or determined. As in the case of the translatoty test there is a zone of weakness along the exposed surface of the sample and the danger of soft soil being squeezed out into the narrow space between the rings.

There are no theoretical or experimental studies giving an order of magnitude for those pressures in the simple shear apparatus, but studies conducted on triaxial specimens and hollow cylinders show that in the vicinity of the end plates they are of the same order of magnitude as the applied vertical stresses. One usually moves away from the loading plates and counts on St. Venant's principle to dismiss their effects. However, St. Venant is of no help at all when the thickness of the specimen is one third of the size of the loading plate.

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