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This ebook makes a speciality of the sedimentology of the Hells Kitchen Member of the Port Sussex Formation in East Falkland (Isla Soledad, Las Malvinas). It heavily examines sediment cores spanning those formations that have been recovered from the Falkland Islands in 2008 following a mineral exploration programme. The built-in process of this examine, which mixes sedimentological facts with geochemistry, makes it a powerful perception into this previous climatic transition and will aid to guage and tell predictions of destiny weather change.

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Material may be dropped as the ice melts, perhaps as frozen aggregates or be released from crevasse fills through overturn. 1 Sedimentology and Structure 33 Fig. 2 Schematic diagram of microstructures that can develop at the base of a debris flow diamictite (adapted from Phillips 2006: In Benn and Evans 2010) beneath a floating ice sheet with less basal debris. Thick mudstones with sparse diamictites and sandstones also hint at an increased input of meltwater from nearby terrestrial sources during glacial minima and deposition by suspension settling from such plumes.

0001 Ma and an autocorrelation was run (Fig. 1). 1 Sedimentological interpretation summary Water-saturated sediments and the remobilisation of sediment suggest rapid deposition such as meltwater plumes (Henry et al. 2012). The fine sand and mud were likely deposited by meltwater plumes and waning turbidity currents in a sea or lake floor setting with coarse debris dropped or dumped from Seasonal or other periodic influx of mixed sediment from ice melt into a lake or marine environment or suspension fallout from cyclic meltwater pulses.

In the diamictite, the moderately high L* (lightness) values, *55, reflect the mediumgrey colour of the silty quartz-rich matrix. Coarse beds are typically pale because they are rich in silica, while hemipelagic deposits are usually dark and ‘red’. L* and a* (red/green) therefore provide fairly reliable indicators of whether sediment was deposited during ice advance or retreat and were used in wavelet analyses (see Chap. 4). Cyclicity in reflectance parameters parallels the lithologies logged. 5a).

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