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Henry sounded anxious. 'Fine,' she lied, because she was sick of admitting how ill she sometimes felt. For years she had worked all the hours God sent without doing more than complain occasionally: 'I'm getting out of this job. ' But she had gone on working, stumbling from the wards half blind with fatigue, her head aching, her limbs cramped, too weary to do more than fall into bed and sleep like one of the dead. Now it had all caught up with her, and she hated the helpless weakness of her own body.

Laura saw her own face, a waxen shade of white, her uniform stressing her pallor. If Mrs Grey had any sense she would reject her at once as a suitable companion for a lively sixteen-year-old. I look like a walking corpse, Laura thought angrily, and her irritation with herself brought a sweep of colour into her face. The door was opened after a long interval, and Henry's rigid expression told Laura that the girl who had opened it was the famous Amanda. She was in plum silk harem trousers tried at the ankle with gold cords, one of which had come undone and trailed after her.

She had seen so many people in pain and had grown to recognise the inward-turning look of someone fighting with it. ' 'Oh, yes,' he said, as though that had to be obvious, and of course it was, she had guessed at once from its splendid isolation down that corridor. The amazing Mr Aegethos wasn't sharing lifts with any of his employees. The lift had stopped and the door slid open. Laura walked out into a wide, pale blue corridor lit with sunlight streaming from a great picture window to the left.

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