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As residents fled the once middle-class neighborhoods surrounding the pond, Five Points disintegrated into sordid, crime-ridden tenement slums. The Bowery and the Notorious Five Points Neighborhood Illustration By: Anonymous Date: circa 1845 Source: The Bowery and the Notorious Five Points Neighborhood. About the Illustrator: The author of the illustration is unknown. INTRODUCTION Five Points was an area of Manhattan built upon an infilled, pollution-plagued collect pond. Named for The area began as a mixture of Irish, American, and African cultures, but the neighborhood’s ethnic character shifted with subsequent waves of immigration.

By this means the minds of how many woman hitherto pure, may have been poisoned by such false and sinful temptations? Among those who figure in the list of chief criminals, are the unnatural father, be he husband, seducer, or unlawful companion. Instances are on record, where the father has administered the potion, used an instrument, or resorted to physical force to destroy his unborn offspring. We have even heard from undoubted evidence, that there have been instances where the mother of the pregnant woman—both belonging to those circles of society considered as “respectable,”—has, with her own hands, given the drug to cause abortion, and most revolting of all, used upon the person of her daughter, an instrument which caused the death of the foetus.

After the murder, Raskolnikov is convinced to surrender to the police by his friend Sonya, who despite becoming a prostitute in order to provide for her mother and father, retains her faith in God and humanity. Raskolnikov is condemned to penal servitude in Siberia, and Sonya follows him there. As he serves his time, he rediscovers religious faith, and Sonya and Raskolnikov become convinced of their love for one another. Dostoevsky is quoted in his notebook as saying their “happiness is bought by suffering,” a concept that resonated in many penal colonies and prisons around the world until the modern philosophy of rehabilitation through education and behavior modification took hold in the mid-nineteenth century.

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