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By William H. Flayhart

Counterpoint to Trafalgar deals the 1st distinctive account of the $64000 land and sea crusade within the Napoleonic wars: the Anglo-Russian invasion of Naples, which avoided Napoleon from controlling the Mediterranean in the course of the warfare of the 3rd coalition. Flayhart recounts the fascinating tale of the chaotic efforts of the joint British and Russian army strength throughout the invasion of southern Italy.  In 1805 Napoleonic France and nice Britain have been locked in a naval duel for maritime supremacy. A British army day trip was once despatched to the Mediterranean to maintain the independence of Naples. becoming a member of with a Russian military troop within sight, the mixed forces invaded southern Italy with the intention to position allied troops among the French within the north and Naples within the south. the 2 nice convoys wearing greater than 20,000 Russian and British troops was once too nice a prize for Napoleon to disregard, and the emperor ordered the French fleet to go into the Mediterranean and ruin the troopships. the consequent conflict turned often called the conflict of Trafalgar.  

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The accomplishment of either or both of these strategic goals would spell ruin to British Far Eastern trade and might foretell her defeat in any renewal of the struggle. The position of the Foreign Office became that Malta was an outpost of Egypt, as Egypt was of India, and could not be sacrificed. Unfortunately the Treaty of Amiens already was signed. Hindsight and rethinking of the treaty brought forth a number of arguments why the British should not give up Malta and why the French should be content with a unilateral British revision of the terms of this unpalatable document.

Annual Register (1801) (London, 1801), 207374, contains copies of the treaties France made at this time. 9. Lefebvre, Napoleon, 110. Tzar Paul was assassinated on March 23, 1801, and was succeeded by his son Tsarevitch Alexander, who became Alexander I (18011825). 10. Watson, George III, 40910. The Netherlands received Cochin, the Cape, and the Spice Islands; Spain regained Minorca; France repossessed the captured Indian and African stations as well as St. Lucia, Tobago, Martinique, St. Pierre, and Miquelon.

No one working in this period will not have a debt to Donald D. Horward, Florida State University, who seems to acquire disciples like some cats have kittens. Owen Connelly and Jack Meyer at the University of South Carolina and Milton Finley at Louisiana State University (Shreveport) offered welcome suggestions. I owe a special debt to the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, whose meetings never fail to enrich and stimulate the participants. I must acknowledge the assistance of the Faculty Research Committee and the Faculty Development Committee at Delaware State College for a number of research grants.

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