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Such a lot teachers in college legislations faculties declare to provide a liberal schooling. Few have proposal a great deal approximately what a liberal schooling in legislations ability. Basing itself on an in depth exam of the idea of liberal schooling, this e-book appears to be like at what the liberal collage legislations college could be doing by way of its educating, examine and management.

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Newman’s rejection of the pursuit of ‘utility’ in university education is a theme which is typical of the thought of many who have written about liberal education and which is of particular importance in the context of present-day arguments about the function of the university. Such arguments have both a positive and a negative aspect to them and both aspects are worthy of consideration. 28 Education, he contends, is there to educate a person not a worker. As Hirst writes: the achievement of knowledge is not only the attainment of the good of the mind itself, but also the chief means whereby the good life as a whole is to be found.

Research is measured by the Research Assessment Exercise; teaching by the Quality Assurance Agency. Universities as individual institutions are assessed by the Funding Councils. 70 Career barriers, for those fortunate enough to have permanent jobs, exist at the stage of confirmation of probation, progression from lecturer A to lecturer B, 67 M Power, The Audit Society (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1997) pp 103–4. A non-exhaustive list of such publications in the year 2000 alone would include R Barnett, Realizing the University in the Age of Super Complexity (Buckingham, Society for Research into Higher Education/Open University Press, 2000); P Jarvis, ‘The Changing University: Meeting a Need and Needing to Change’ (2000) 54 Higher Education Quarterly 43; R Barnett, ‘Supercomplexity and the Curriculum’ (2000) 25 Studies in Higher Education 255; P Gumport, ‘Academic Restructuring: Organizational Change and Institutional Imperatives’ (2000) 39 Higher Education 67; C Polster, ‘The Future of the Liberal University in the Era of the Global Knowledge Grab’ (2000) 39 Higher Education 19.

Further, neither all politicians nor all of the media holds to a monolithic belief that seeks to assert external control over the university and direct it to short-term utilitarian ends. 80 Even the media views universities in contradictory ways. The same issue of The Times that published the 78 M Amis, Experience (London, Jonathan Cape, 2000) 82. Amis is wrong to say that this is a failure of intellect that just applies to men. After all, ‘[p]rivatization [a way of avoiding paying out “taxpayer’s money”] is generally regarded as the textbook case of Thatcherite policy’ (S Letwin, The Anatomy of Thatcherism (London, Fontana, 1992) 97.

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