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B. pubs close early, at what time? 18. Are there any alcoholic societies? 36. K? 34. Why do people go to pubs? 19. Should alcoholic people be allowed in pubs? 37. What do you have to do with your drink at closing time? 20. Why do people drink spirits? 38. Are you allowed to take it home? 21. What are the advantages of drinking? 39. Do you know what Guiness is? Do you have it in your country? 22. What are the disadvantages of drinking? 23. Is there an area of pubs in your home town? 24. What sort of people go to this area?

7. What really cures these people? 8. How did a doctor cure his patients many years ago? 9. What did he make his patients do? 10. Did the patients get better? At the Doctor's 1. Have you ever been to a doctor? 22. Should a doctor be strict or kind with patients? 2. When do people go to the doctor? 23. Have you heard of psycological illnesses? 3. What's your opinion of doctors? 24. What are they? 4. Do you think they are always right? 25. What are 'placebos'? 26. Have you heard of 'hypochondriacs' (people who always think they are ill)?

4. Should women have the same obligations? 5. What two things does the writer say soldiers do? Can you suggest another one? 7. What sort of military service is there in Great Britain? 8. Are soldiers paid? 9. Why do many countries object to having a regular army? 10. What do soldiers do in the headquarters according to the writer? 1. Are you going to do military service? When? 2. Do you think women should do military service? 21. Would you like to drive a tank? 3. Is military service compulsory in your country?

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