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By Waltraud Brennenstuhl

This is often the 1st of the 2 volumes – the second one quantity being Thomas Ballmer’s Biological Foundations of Linguistic Communication (P&B III:7) – treating biocybernetical questions of language. This e-book starts off from a cybernetic explication of a few motion theoretic notions, like regulate and talent. those notions are utilized in order to supply sufficient technique of describing the complicated and refined phenomena of verbal exchange, either from a common viewpoint in addition to from a in particular linguistic standpoint. furthermore the relation among organic structures and language is mentioned.

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That this is so, intuitively, we have already discussed. The ability to perform required subtasks may not exhaust the ability to perform the complex task as a whole. Theorem3: ( A p ^ A q ^ A R ( p ^ q , p ) ^ A R ( q ^ p , q ) ) → A ( p ^ q ) Proof: The antecedent holds iff Vj(iRpj^pj)AVj(iR q J^qj)^ ΛiVj(iR p ^ q j →(iRpj ^((pj ^qj)→pj))^ AiΛj(iRp^q→(iR q j ^((pj ^qj)→qj). The last two conjuncts can be reduced to AiΛj(iRp^qj→(iRpj^iR q j)) The antecedent remains true if we assume a j accessible by Rp^q where ┐ pr ┐q hold, since p does not hold in every j accessible by R p and q does not hold in every j accessible by R q .

You can approach to win in a lottery by buying a ticket, but whether you win depends totally on luck and not on your ability to buy tickets. Winning a baseball game is a different matter, because it depends mainly on your approach, namely the way you play the game; and if your ability  play is considerably greater than that of your opponent, you are able to win the game. There are also expressions in the x-slot that look like descriptions of states, as in (15): (15) John is able to have four girlfriends at the same time.

Also the boundary between prehistory and preparation stage is unclear. The preparation is characterized by planning, assessment of opportunities, deliberation about means and ends, settling of goal conflicts, clarification of one's desires, assessment of abilities, assessment of resources and tools at hand — ending with the more or less spontaneous decision. The prehistory stage is characterized by the formation of motives, reasons, commitments, ideas what to do, wishes, desires, needs, temptations, aversions, emotions, beliefs, impressions, which become later relevant for the decision.

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