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The computation of styles in strings is a basic requirement in lots of components of technology and knowledge processing. The operation of a textual content editor, the lexical research of a working laptop or computer application, the functioning of a finite automaton, the retrieval of data from a database - those are all actions which can require that styles be positioned and computed. In different components of technological know-how, the algorithms that compute styles have purposes in such different fields as info compression, cryptography, speech popularity, computing device imaginative and prescient, computational geometry and molecular biology.

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The nice thing about using structures is that they are a very lightweight way to store groups of related variables. In Chapter 3, you see how to use objects to also group related variables and the methods that act on those variables. However, objects can have a fair amount of overhead associated with them. Structures, on the other hand, have no more overhead than the variables that make up their members. Therefore, they can sometimes be used in performance-sensitive areas where objects would be too heavy.

Using this basic program, you will explore some of the essentials of Objective-C, beginning first with how to actually write the code, moving into working with variables and functions, and finally, controlling the flow of your program by using conditional statements and loops. These concepts are fundamental to learning the language, and you should study this chapter thoroughly before moving on to the next one. 1 into the Xcode project you created in Chapter 1. This code should be entered into the source file which is named after your project name, located in the Source group.

A class is a collection of data and the methods that operate on that data. An object is an individual instance of a class. Objective-C classes, then, include an interface and an implementation. h in the case of interface files. So, for example, imagine a case where you wanted to create a class called MyClass. In this case, you would create two text files to hold the instructions for the computer for that module. m” for the implementation. 2 show what those two files might look like. For now, don’t worry about understanding what’s in them.

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