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JavaScript runs (almost) far and wide however it will be quirky and awkward. Its cousin CoffeeScript is less complicated to appreciate and compose. An expressive language, now not not like Ruby or Python, it compiles into ordinary JavaScript with no amendment and is a brilliant selection for advanced internet functions. It runs in any JavaScript-enabled setting and is straightforward to take advantage of with Node.js and Rails. CoffeeScript in motion teaches you ways, the place, and why to take advantage of CoffeeScript. It immerses you in CoffeeScript's cozy syntax earlier than diving into the innovations and methods you wish which will write dependent CoffeeScript courses. all through, you are going to discover programming demanding situations that illustrate CoffeeScript's specific benefits. For language junkies, the publication explains how CoffeeScript brings idioms from different languages into JavaScript.

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This emphasis on expressions means that they’re a good place to start exploring the syntax of CoffeeScript—starting with small expressions and moving on to larger ones. All of the examples in this section can be run on the CoffeeScript Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL). Start your REPL: > coffee coffee> Ready? 1 2 Literal values The smallest expressions in CoffeeScript are ones that evaluate to themselves. When you type them into the REPL and press Enter, you see the same thing shown on the Significant indentation will already be familiar to Python and F# programmers and anybody who has used HAML or SASS.

Well, it’s read-eval-print, right? The CoffeeScript is simply compiled before evaluation: square = (x) -> x * x # [Function] # # # # Read Compile to JavaScript Evaluate the resulting JavaScript Print # Loop square 2 # 4 # # # # Read Compile to JavaScript Evaluate the resulting JavaScript Print # Loop Without needing to fully understand the CoffeeScript shown here, you see that it can be converted to JavaScript on the fly as you enter it into the REPL. Whether entered into the REPL or written to a file to be compiled later, all of your CoffeeScript is converted to JavaScript before it runs.

It looks one way but acts another. info 8 CHAPTER 1 The road to CoffeeScript Although JavaScript looks like C (the syntax and to some extent the style and semantics), some of the key ideas (and to some extent the style and semantics) are borrowed from Self and Scheme. What happens when a language has many competing factors? 4 Evolving JavaScript The inherent friction between the competing ideas behind JavaScript’s creation is compounded by it now being the most widely used programming language in the world.

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