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By E. Reed Doke

That includes the improvement of graphical consumer interfaces (GUI's) utilizing the newest in Java swing parts, this new version of Java for the COBOL Programmer (Cambridge, 1999) presents COBOL programmers a transparent, effortless transition to Java programming via drawing at the quite a few similarities among COBOL and Java. The authors introduce the COBOL programmer to the historical past of Java and object-oriented programming after which delve into the main points of the Java syntax, continuously contrasting them with their parallels in COBOL. A working case examine allows the reader to have an total view of software improvement with Java. First version ISBN (Pb): 0-521-65892-6

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Notice that we direct the message to an object rather than the class. This is done because the method setAddress(), applies to a specific customer, not the general group of customers the class represents. 13, we see that CheckingAccount does not have the specified method getCurrentBalance() and is unable to satisfy the request. In this case, CheckingAccount will look to its superclass, Account, for help. CheckingAccount inherits the method getCurrentBalance() from its superclass, Account. Notice that the sender of the message, the client, does not know (or care) how the message request is satisfied.

Documentation. 48 JAVA STRUCTURE A single line comment begins with two forward slashes (//). 00 The second example here combines an instruction and a comment. ) The Java compiler simply ignores everything on a line following double slashes (//). A multiple line comment begins with a forward slash followed by an asterisk (/*) and terminates with an asterisk followed be a forward slash (*/). The multiple line comment is a handy tool whenever you want to write several lines of comments in a program.

R method_name specifies the name of the method. r parameter_list contains the data types and variable names for the values being passed to the method. The method name combined with the parameter list is called the method signature. 47 Writing Comments in Java The single statement in setAddress() is called an assignment statement because it assigns or stores a value into a variable. Here, this statement stores the value passed (the new customer address) into the attribute named address. address is the attribute being updated newAdr contains the value being passed to the method address = newAdr; ➔ Think of the “=” as an arrow “ ” pointing to the left.

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