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By Thandi Buthelezi, Laurel Dingrando, Nicholas Hainen, Cheryl Wistrom, Dinah Zike

Glencoe Chemistry: subject and alter © 2008 combines the weather scholars have to be triumphant! A complete process research designed for a first-year highschool chemistry curriculum, this application contains gains for powerful math help and problem-solving improvement. New good points for 2008 comprise content material geared up round topics, significant rules, and major principles, selling scholar comprehension and checking out good fortune; extra evaluation thoughts than ever; Dinah Zike's FOLDABLES, 3-dimensional photograph organizers that support scholars take hold of details for assessment and retention; the most recent in Glencoe lecture room expertise, and lots more and plenty extra!

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What can you infer about the addition of detergent to dishwater? 4. Explain why observations skills were important in this chemistry lab. Observation You make observations throughout your day in order to make decisions. Scientific study usually begins with simple observation. An observation is the act of gathering information. Often, the types of observations scientists make first are qualitative data—information that describes color, odor, shape, or some other physical characteristic. In general, anything that relates to the five senses is qualitative: how something looks, feels, sounds, tastes, or smells.

Do not take reagent bottles to your work area unless instructed to do so. Use test tubes, paper, or beakers to obtain your chemicals. Take only small amounts. It is easier to get more than to dispose of excess. 13. Do not return unused chemicals to the stock bottle. 14. Do not insert droppers into reagent bottles. Pour a small amount of the chemical into a beaker. 15. Never taste any chemicals. Never draw any chemicals into a pipette with your mouth. 17 This graph shows the concentration of two common CFCs in the atmosphere over Antarctica and the global consumption of CFCs from 1980 to 2000.

1. MAIN Idea Explain why the study of chemistry should be important to everyone. ◗ Chemicals are also known as substances. 2. Define substance and give two examples of things that are substances. ◗ Ozone is a substance that forms a protective layer in Earth’s atmosphere. 4. Explain why chlorofluorocarbons were developed and how they are used. ◗ CFCs are synthetic substances made of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon that are thinning the ozone layer. 8 Chapter 1 • Introduction to Chemistry 3. Describe how the ozone layer forms and why it is important.

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