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Study the teaching of the Buddha, particularly the Four Noble Truths. Observe the moral code and develop concentration of mind in order to understand directly the Four Noble Truths of Suffering and so forth. (i) Understand Suffering; (ii) Abandon the Cause of Suffering, that is Craving; (iii) Experience the End of Suffering or Nirv@%a; (iv) Practice the Noble Eightfold Path. LIII. Always be disciplined in the highest morality, highest wisdom and highest absorption; more than one hundred and fifty disciplines3 are verily included within these three.

The five hindrances are: (i) Restlessness and worry, preoccupied with worldly matters, one is distracted by restlessness and worry. (ii) Aversion, ill-will towards ones enemies and distaste for the practice of the Dharma; 21 (iii) Sloth and torpor, heaviness of body and mind, and no interest in virtue. (iv) Attachment, lust and greed for material objects and sensory stimulation; (v) Doubt, vacillation of mind and uncertainty regarding the Triple Gem and the law of Karma. These five are hindrances upon the path to liberation.

If you were to try to count the mothers you have had in the past, it would be impossible. Even if you were to make small pellets of soil, each as big as a juniper seed, the whole earth would not be enough. LXIX. Having become Indra, deserving the reverence (of) the world, (one) will again fall to the earth on account of the force of (previous) deeds; even having become an universal monarch, (one) will become a servant of a servant in Sa^s/ra. Living beings transmigrate from higher states to lower ones.

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