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By P. N. Ravindran, K.J. Madhusoodanan

Cardamom in a different way often called Malabar cardamom, precise cardamom or small cardamom moment simply to pepper in its value through the Renaissance interval, is frequently certified because the Queen of Spices as a result of its very friendly aroma and style. The Western Ghat woodland of the Malabar coast, India, is the heart of foundation and variety for cardamom and it could possibly were nature's layout that the King and Queen of spices (black pepper and cardamom) originated within the related forest.

This quantity comprises 16 chapters, fourteen on cardamom and one every one on huge cardamom and fake cardamoms. All elements of the cardamom crop were coated during this quantity, and every bankruptcy is written by way of specialists of their respective fields. This quantity is visualized as either a textbook and reference paintings for scientists and scholars of horticulture, plantation plants, botany and comparable fields, and may cross directly to function the most reference quantity on cardamom for a few years to come back.

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On the sides of the plerome dome is the uniseriate pericycle. The metaxylem vessel elements get differentiated near the plerome dome vacuolating earlier. The isodiametric cells at the very center of the plerome divides like a ribmeristem to give rise to the pith. Pillai et al. J. Madhusoodanan, K. N. 7 (a) TS of a cardamom leaf through the midrib: a – epidermis; b – hypodermis; c – single layered palisade; d – spongy parenchyma cells; e – vascular bundle; f – lower epidermis. (b) a portion of epidermis showing stoma: a – guard cell; b – subsidiary cell.

1971) and Rajapakse et al. (1979) provided chemical evidence substantiating the distinct nature of Sri Lankan wild cardamom (see Chapter 16 also). 1 Anatomy Tomlinson (1969) and Mercy et al. (1977) carried out preliminary anatomical studies on aerial stem, rhizome, leaf sheath and root of cardamom plants. Aerial stems of leafy shoot has the typical monocot structure with numerous closed collateral endarch vascular bundles scattered in the ground parenchyma (Fig. 3). The stem is solid. There is a thin sub-epidermal layer of sclerenchymatous cells separating the inner vascular bundles from the outer ones.

The filament is distinct and slender and deeply grooved. The ovary is inferior, trilocular with axial placentation. The style is undivided, stigma is small and is held above the anther. Structure of cardamom flower is pre-disposed for insect pollination as indicated by the prominent labellum, stigma positioning above anthers, and the presence of nectar glands. Fruits are ellipsoidal or almost spherical, non-dehiscent, fleshy and green or pale green in colour and leathery when dry. The flower morphology does not vary with biotypes or varieties.

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