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By Bruce Sutherland

C++ Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach is a convenient code cookbook reference advisor that disguise the most recent C++ 14 in addition to a few of the code templates to be had within the most recent usual Template Library (STL).

In this useful reference, you will discover numbers, strings, dates, instances, sessions, exceptions, streams, flows, tips and extra. additionally, you will see a number of code samples, templates for C++ algorithms, parallel processing, multithreading and numerical strategies. those have many functions together with video game improvement, titanic information analytics, monetary engineering and research, company purposes and extra. A wealth of STL templates on functionality items, adapters, allocators, and extensions also are to be had.

This is a "must have", modern reference on your technical library.

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You can see that the move constructor is faster in this instance than the copy constructor in Figure 2-11. Figure 2-11. Showing a Move Constructor can be Faster than a Copy Constructor Recipe 2-9. Using Managed Pointers Problem You would like to automate the task of managing memory in your C++ programs. Solution Modern C++ provides the capability to automatically manage dynamically allocated memory. How It Works Using unique_ptr C++ provides three smart pointer types that can be used to automatically manage the lifetime of dynamically allocated objects.

The performance benefits of this can be seen in Listing 2-31. Listing 2-31. count() << "ms" << endl; return 0; } 49 Chapter 2 ■ Modern C++ The code in Listing 2-31 makes use of the default keyword to inform the compiler that we would like to use the default constructor, copy constructor and move constructor for this class. This is valid here because there is no manual memory management or behavior needed by MyClass. We simple want to construct, copy or move the members m_String and m_Value. The m_Value variable is used to try to prevent the compiler from over-optimizing our example and producing unexpected results.

Return type deduction is much more useful in functions that don’t have their parameter types declared in their signature. Listing 2-13 shows the type deduction in action for a template function. Listing 2-13. Deducing return types for C++11 template functions #include using namespace std; template auto AutoFunctionFromParameter(T parameter) -> decltype(parameter) { return parameter; } int main() { auto value = AutoFunctionFromParameter(2); cout << value << endl; return 0; } Listing 2-13 shows a useful application of return type deduction.

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