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By Greg L. Bahnsen

God's legislation is Christianity's device of dominion. this can be the place any dialogue of God's legislations eventually arrives: the difficulty of dominion. wonder: who's to rule in the world, Christ or devil? Whose fans have the ethically applicable instrument of dominion, Christ's or Satan's? what's this device of dominion, the bibically printed legislation of God, or the legislation of self-proclaimed self sustaining guy? Whose observe is sovereign, God's or man's? hundreds of thousands of Christians, unfortunately, haven't famous the ongoing authorigy of God's legislations or its many purposes to fashionable society. they've got thereby reaped the whirlwind - cultural and highbrow impotence. They implicitly have surrendered this global to the satan. they've got implicitly denied the ability of the dying and resurrection of Christ. they've got served as footstools for the enemies of God. yet humanism's unfastened journey is coming to an finish. This ebook serves as an advent to this woefully missed subject.

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Given the progress of revelation, we must be committed to the rule that the New Testument should interpret the Old Testmwnt for us,” the attitude of Jesus and the Apostles to the Mosaic law, for instance, must be determinative of the Christian ethic. Thus a SPECiFICATION OF PURPOSE AND POSITION 5 simplistic equation between Old and New Testament ethics — one that abstractly absolutizes the New Testament teaching about continuity with t~e Old Testament (not recognizing qualifications revealed elsewhere) — is not advanced by the position taken here, What is maintained is that our obligation to God’s Old Testament law should be interpreted and qualified by the New Testament Scripture, not by relative human opinion which can cite no Biblical warrant for departing from God’s stipulations.

However, the word of God must be the standard which defines precisely what those changes are for us; we camot take it upon ourselves to assume such changes or read them into the New Testament. Gods word, His direction to us, must be taken as continuing in its authority until God Himself reveals otherwise. This is, in a sense, the heart of “covenant theology” over against a dispensational understanding of the relation between Old and New Testaments. To this methodological point we can add the substantive conclusion that the New Testament’ does not teach any radical change in Gods law regarding the standards of socio-politicai morali~, God’s law as it touches upon the duty of civil magistrates has not been altered in any systematic or fundamental way in the New Testament.

Both of these errors — opposite in character but equal in destructive force — are addressed by God’s word, showing us the full dimensions of true obedience to the Lord. Obedience from the Heart In Matthew 5:20 Jesus taught something which must have been shocking to His hearers. ” The shocking thing about this was that the scribes and Pharisees had a reputation, one which they themselves were anxious to promote, for a deep commitment to obeying even the minor details of the law, But the fact of the matter was that the Pharisees were jar from living up to the true demands of God’s commandments.

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