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Read or Download BS EN 1015-2:1999: Methods of test for mortar for masonry. Bulk sampling of mortars and preparation of test mortars PDF

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Marshall, eds. D. es ABSTRACT Phase composition of fly ash based geocements after treatment at a low temperature is represented by zeolitelike products in amorphous or crystalline state which are capable to re-crystallize into stable feldspar-like aluminosilicates without destroying the underlying skeleton. It may afford a pathway worth exploring for the production of non-fired quasi-ceramic materials. Keywords Alkaline cements, Alkaline activation, Curing conditions, Feldspars, Fly ash, Heat-resistant materials, Promoters of zeolite synthesis, Zeolites INTRODUCTION Alkaline cements are becoming an interesting set of products with high potential to help the cement industry to face the problem of limitation of CO2 emissions.

Part 11: Mechanical and Microstructural Development as a Function of the Thermal Curing Conditions. Fuel, 2006 (in publish). Pmc. Int. Symp. M. Brandt, KC. Li and I. H. Marshall, eds. be ABSTRACT The influence of small amounts of water-soluble polymers (polyvinyl alcohol-acetate, methylcellulose and hydroxyethyl cellulose) on the microstructurebuilding and on the cement hydration reactions is studied. Thermal analyses, canied out at several time intervals, show a retarded hydration during the first 24 hours of hydration for the cement pastes modified with hydroxyethyl cellulose.

8OO0C (it is essential for high-temperature materials) were fixed for the composition #lC (modified with the sodium perchlorate), however, the shrinkage of this composition increased sharply after 1000°C. The same composition demonstrated the lowest thermal cracking, too. Although the above presented data reflects structural changes in a geocement paste during heating, they do not clearly describe the behaviour of a binder in a real concrete exposed to high temperatures because an important interaction between a matrix and an aggregate takes place in real systems affecting an amount of a fusion phase appeared and a thermal shrinkage.

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