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By Ann Senisi Scott, Elizabeth Fong

Physique buildings and services, 11th variation keeps to combine ailments and issues inside each one physique approach bankruptcy to maximise studying. Easy-to-understand language and diverse illustrations make this ebook perfect for freshmen in an introductory anatomy and body structure direction with very little technology historical past. Highlights and contours that emphasize scientific functions aid preserve the cloth attention-grabbing. A evaluation of scientific Terminology in every one bankruptcy is helping positive track clinical language talents. an infection keep an eye on and conventional Precautions bankruptcy emphasizes the significance of keeping healthiness and security within the healthiness care paintings atmosphere.

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Potential energy a. extracellular b. interstitial c. intracellular d. intercellular 3. Water is classified as a(n): 8. The compound with a pH of 9 is alkaline a. atom b. element c. mineral d. compound 4. Atoms of a specific clement that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons are called: a. isotopes b. DNA c. RNA d. compound 5. Sugar stored in the liver and muscle cells for energy is called: a. glucose b. glycogen c. fructose d. ribose and is: a. milk of magnesia b. baking soda c.

Lab Activity Effects of Antacid on an Acidic Stomach ■ Objective: To determine the effectiveness of various antacid preparations or household remedies on an acidic stomach; the stomach under normal conditions has a pH of about 2 ■ Materials needed: measuring cup, vinegar, water, paper cups, Tums, Rolaids, Pepcid AC, Alka-Seltzer, baking soda solution, pH indicator paper, and paper on which to record your results Step 1: Mix 1 oz of vinegar with 8 oz of water to make a solution to represent an acidic stomach.

The hand is proximal or distal to the elbow. d. The sole of the foot is on the anterior or posterior part of the body. e. Cranial refers to the head or tail end of the body. f. The coronal plane divides the body into front and back or right and left sections. g. The arms are located on the medial or lateral side of the body. h. The transverse plane divides the body into superior and inferior or anterior and posterior parts. 2. Describe the following to a physician using the correct anatomical term.

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