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By R. A. Donkin

Guy has been intrigued through the starting place of pearls, delicate to their attractiveness, & confident in their medicinal price for no less than 5 millennia. a mix of folklore & statement preceded the earliest medical inquiries. Fishing & exchange started out in southern Asia, among India & Sri Lanka & round the Persian Gulf. In Western & relevant Europe, internal Asia & China, & North the USA, freshwater pearls have been most likely identified & precious prior to these of marine foundation. R.A. Donkin combines written assets with the result of archaeological & philological study. a sophisticated nomenclature lends help to different facts pointing to lengthy familiarity, & etymologically comparable phrases for 'pearl'- reflecting former buying and selling connections or colonization. Pearls have been well-known one of the luxurious items which, for lots of centuries, the West linked to the mythical East & South

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Further, our time axis is evidently nonlinear and will continue to be so in all subsequent depictions. 9 To Think About • Archimedes was a most prolific inventor in Ancient times. Research some engineering details of his devices. • Wood, stone, adobe brick, and mortar were the only building materials available to Ancient engineers. What distinctive additional building materials have since then been discovered or developed and are now commonly used? • The invention of the wheel is remarkable because there exists no functional analogue in nature to be copied.

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