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This is often the 1st biography of 1 of the phenomenal humanists of the fifteenth-century Renaissance. Benedetto Accolti's pursuits ranged from rhetoric, humanism and Italian poetry to Roman legislations, from ancient concept and medieval antiquarianism to the crusades and church heritage, and his paintings as a student, writer and historian is put in a large context stretching from antiquity to the eighteenth century. The highbrow, political and fiscal milieu of Accolti's local urban of Arezzo, missed in smooth scholarship, is explored, and the significance of Accolti's profession as chancellor of Florence, his position in bringing the hot studying to the chancery and his paintings as an administrative reformer are well-known for the 1st time. Florence's reaction to the Turkish threat and contribution to papal crusading efforts are reinterpreted, and new information about Accolti's connections with best Florentine patricians is delivered to mild.

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133v-134r. Bruni, Epistolae, ed. Menus, i, p. cxix. 16 Arezzo in the early Renaissance Aretine patriciate, who encouraged scholarship and classical learning. Notable were the remarks included in his tax return of 1427 by Gregorio Marsuppini about the activities of his learned son Carlo, who, he wrote, 'at the age of twenty-nine years is a student of poetry, philosophy and other learned disciplines, as well as of Greek and Latin. 95 In 1387, shortly after the loss of Aretine independence in 1384, the commune granted a local Latin teacher, Bernardo di Miglio, a tax exemption in order to keep him in Arezzo,96 and the next year they set about finding a public grammar teacher by establishing a commission of citizens, which attempted to encourage the noted Aretine classical scholar and friend of Salutati's and Petrarch's, Domenico di Bandino;97 they were unable to draw him away from Florence, but they managed to elect a younger Aretine, Francesco di Feo di Nigi (b.

A . A 4 7 , fol. 2 1 l r . 32 Benedetto Accolti yielded forty barrels of wine a year, replacing his vineyard at Lorenzano in the Casentino as his family's main source of wine. 61 In a number of ways, therefore, Michele Accolti led the life of an Aretine patrician by the 1420s; nevertheless, Michele's line of the Accolti family had spent much of the second half of the fourteenth century away from their native city, and so it is not surprising that Michele preserved a certain detachment from Arezzo.

ASA, P r o w . 5, fol. 107r (8 December 1413): prefata civitas aretina consueverit ab antiquo studium habere in omni scientie facultate quo infiniti ipsius cives per diversas mundi partes honorabantur et patrie multe redundabant comoditates, et cupientes ipsum studium iuxta posse suscitare . . the priors elect a new grammar teacher. Cf. s. x i v - x v (1933), 3 1 7 . ASA, Prow. 9, fol. 138r-140r, 143r-v. , 10, fol. 58v-59r, 218r; 11, fol. 89v-90r. , fol. 154r-v, 156r-157r. The revival of the Aretine university is unknown to contemporary scholars of the Italian universities (cf.

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