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By Mike Lankford

Why did Leonardo Da Vinci go away such a lot of of his significant works uncompleted? Why did this resolute pacifist construct struggle machines for the infamous Borgias? Why did he hold the Mona Lisa with him far and wide he went for many years, but by no means particularly end it? Why did he write backwards, and was once he rather at struggle with Michelangelo? And used to be he homosexual?
In a e-book not like something ever written in regards to the Renaissance genius, Mike Lankford explodes each cliché approximately Da Vinci after which reconstructs him in line with a wealthy trove of obtainable evidence—bringing to lifestyles for the fashionable reader the fellow who has been studied through students for hundreds of years, but has remained as mysterious as ever.   
trying to envision Da Vinci with no the obscuring residue of old varnish, the points of interest, sounds, smells, and suppose of Renaissance Italy—usually lacking in different biographies—are all the following, transporting readers again to a global of conflict and plague and courtroom intrigue, of viciously aggressive well-known artists, of murderous tyrants with beautiful tastes in artwork ….
Lankford brilliantly captures Da Vinci's existence because the compelling and hazardous event it kind of feels to have really been—fleeing from one sanctuary to the following, in some way surviving in warfare zones beside his pal Machiavelli, suffering to make artwork his method or no manner in any respect ... and sometimes paying dearly for these decisions.
it's a exciting and soaking up trip into the lifetime of a ferociously committed loner, whose art in a single approach or one other represents his noble uprising, supplying notion that's undying.

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He ended up apprenticed to an artisan who took in pupils, a man named Andrea del Verrocchio who, it is generally agreed, was exactly the right man for the job. And one can only assume that the solitary child, finding himself among like-minded others his own age for the first time, felt a huge sense of relief, and perhaps a sense of belonging as well. Of feeling he was in the right place at last. One of the statistical certainties about Leonardo’s youth up to this point was that he was unique in his own experience.

Unlike Raphael or Michelangelo, had Leonardo died at thirty, we wouldn’t know him now at all. ” 1468 Johannes Gutenberg dies in Mainz, Germany (b. 1398). 1469 Painter Filippo Lippi dies in Spoleto (b. 1406). 1469 Moctezuma I, Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan, is succeeded by Axayacatl. 1469 Marsilio Ficino completes his translation of the collected works of Plato. 1472 Ultimate Renaissance man Leon Battista Alberti dies in Rome (b. 1404). 1473 Lopo Gonçalves is the first European to cross the equator.

My guess is Leonardo was already throwing off sparks, and it was his uncle Francesco who saw it first and fanned it into flame. One item of his childhood rarely remarked on is that the village of Vinci is on top of a rather high hill, meaning little Leonardo would’ve grown up with a line-of-sight of twenty-two miles or more to the distant horizon. Perhaps only an urban flatlander can appreciate this, but most people’s field of vision growing up can be measured in tens of feet, up to a half mile perhaps.

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