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By Paul Grice (author), Richard Warner (editor)

Purposes and reasoning have been principal to the paintings of Paul Grice, probably the most influential and renowned philosophers of the past due 20th century. within the John Locke Lectures that Grice brought in Oxford on the finish of the Seventies, he set out his primary recommendations approximately those issues; facets of cause is the long-awaited book of these lectures. They concentrate on an research of useful necessity, as Grice contends that useful prerequisites are confirmed via derivation; they're beneficial simply because they're derivable. This paintings units this declare within the context of an account of purposes and reasoning, permitting Grice to protect his remedy of necessity opposed to seen objections and revealing how the development of particular derivations can play a important position in explaining and justifying concept and motion. Grice used to be nonetheless engaged on elements of cause over the last years of his existence, and even supposing unpolished, the ebook offers an intimate glimpse into the workings of his brain and should refresh and remove darkness from many components of latest philosophy.

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As we noted earlier, he embraces these (near) equivalences: (1) Š x accepts (thinks) p if (indeed iff, perhaps) x judges p. (2) Š x accepts (thinks) ! p if (iff) x wills p. ' in the context of judging and willing. Grice explains the step from (3) to (4) by arguing that "the satisfactoriness of attitudes of acceptance resolves itself into satisfactoriness (in the sense distinguished in [Chapter 3] of the contents of those attitudes (marked by the appropriate mode-markers)" (95). 13 The sentence continues, 'but as I intend shortly to lay bare some of that detail, perhaps my procedure might be regarded as an expository device, and so as only a temporary cheat".

Words like 'reason' and 'justification' operate in both the alethic and the practical domain. Š. Similar linguistic phenomena are to hand not only with respect to "justification" but also with respect to "ought" and "should". A further hint is provided by the behaviours of the phrase "it is to be expected". Š. that it is in some way or other incumbent on a lawyer to earn that not insignificant income. If we accept the idea that the difference between these two statements, which consists in the difference between the presence of the verb-phrase "will earn" and that of the verb-phrase "earn", is a difference of mood, then it looks as if a shift from alethic to practical discourse may be signalled by a shift in mood with respect to the subordinate verb.

Reasoning. I. Title. iv Contents Š Introduction: Grice on Reasons and Rationality Richard Warner vii Š ASPECTS OF REASON 1 Š Proem 3 I. Š Reason and Reasoning 4 II. Š Reason and Reasons 26 III. Š Practical and Alethic Reasons: Part I 67 IV. Š Practical and Alethic Reasons: Part II 90 V. vi Š Introduction Grice on Reasons and Rationality Paul Grice opens Aspects of Reason by observing that more than one philosopher has held the view that vitally important philosophical consequences can be reached by derivation from the idea of a rational being.

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