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Social dialectology: in honour of Peter Trudgill

The time-honoured learn of dialects took a brand new flip a few 40 years in the past, giving centre level to social components and the quantitative research of language edition and alter. It has turn into a self-discipline that no pupil of language can come up with the money for to disregard. This assortment identifies the most theoretical and methodological concerns presently preoccupying researchers in social dialectology, drawing not just on edition in English within the united kingdom, united states, New Zealand, Europe and in other places but additionally in Arabic, Greek, Norwegian and Spanish dialects.

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Several sized, and with outstretched fragments of them had alreadybeen found in2006. selection of prehistoric Ilias, Mamousia ceramics. Aigialeias E. Kolia (anc. Keryneia). (6thEPCA) reportson systematicexcavations conducted at this Ar-Cl sanctuary since 2004. 6m)of the end of the6thCt was revealed,alongwith an altar to theE. 7m) of the4thCt BC (Fig. 67). In 2008, a layerwas excavatedNW of thesmall temple which contained stone sherds chips, and fragmentary members fromtheAr temple(Fig. 68). Fragments architectural of pedimental sculpture were found, as well as pottery, figurines, metal items(phialai, ringsand handles fromlargevessels) and a silver knob from a vessel (perhaps a pyxis).

43). 5m 2m structure of clay fill of the theatre housed uncoursed architectural cobbles, with walls, containing spolia, which were well faced and plastered only on the interior. A lotus and acanthus reused within the lower composite capital wall probably originated in theupper part of the theatre(Fig. 44). To the andW, theconstructionpitwas backfilledwith domestic refuse, includingEByz-MByz cooking and table and a quantity of severely burnt roof tile of Rom type, of a major fire nearby. It remains unclear whether the structure was entered from the side or from the top, and there to show how is no evidence it was covered.

G. Marinou reports(AAA39 [2006], 211-28) on new the be of niches and cleaning on the 1st floor a ground preserved), traces (only floor and space of successive its 2nd storey are a stoa to the N. se), by Alexios with the addition of a large triclinium supported on a 2-storeyed This of the original house. to the E and vaulted extension additions windows and of the seat by their sills, and Especially the form of the The pillar). ade, was also large arch on the ground floor beneath were installed on the balconies.

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