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Although data from Eastern countries is limited, studies are now quickly emerging that shed new light on proximal risk factors influencing suicide risk. Domestic problems including marital problems, financial problems, conflict with in-laws, forced marriage, unwanted pregnancy, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, familial alcohol misuse, and other family problems have been identified as strong proximal triggers for suicide attempts in woman in China, 46 Suicide Risk Management Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.

For example, loss of employment may translate into loss of financial and family security, loss of residence, and significant interpersonal, marital and emotional stress. Alternatively, unemployment, job loss or failure to gain and maintain employment may reflect other issues such as the loss of skills and capabilities consequent to a physical or psychiatric disorder; alcoholor substance-use problems; the presence of maladaptive personality traits that are disruptive to the workplace or interfere with working with others; the presence of psychosocial circumstances associated with stigma and discrimination; poverty; lack of schooling or vocational training; and domestic violence or abuse.

This research is still in its infancy and it is not currently possible to identify which individuals may carry this enhanced genetic risk. Summary of family history risk factors Family history associated with increased suicide risk Suicide Mental disorder Higher risk Lower risk Suicide in a firstNo family history of degree relative suicide Mental illness in a No family history of first-degree relative mental illness Personal history A patient’s personal history includes the circumstances and sociocultural, political and financial context into which the person is born.

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