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By Patricia A Sauer; Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (Organization)

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Water Productivity in Agriculture: Limits and Opportunities for Improvement (Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series, 1)

First identify in a massive new seriesAddresses bettering water productiveness to alleviate difficulties of shortage and pageant to supply for foodstuff and environmental securityDraws from scientists having a mess of disciplines to method this crucial problemIn various constructing international locations, coverage makers and researchers are more and more conscious of the conflicting calls for on water, and examine agriculture to be more suitable in its use of water.

Legume crop genomics

Demonstrating the quantum bounce genomics represents in expertise, this booklet files the preliminary examine techniques, the advance of genomic instruments and assets, and the legume-community consensus at the study pursuits that might advisor the genomic characterization of significant legume plants. The booklet provides this technical topic in a fashion that is helping readers resolution the query, "What is genomics?

Phenotyping crop plants for physiological and biochemical traits

Phenotyping Crop crops for Physiological and Biochemical qualities provides a confirmed diversity of methodologies and practices for powerful, effective, and acceptable typing of crop crops. through addressing the fundamental rules and precautions wanted while undertaking crop-based experiments, this booklet publications the reader in deciding upon the proper technique in response to the growing to be atmosphere, even if greenhouse, pot, box, or liquid (hydroponic).

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