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By T. OHOYAMA (auth.), H. P. J. Wijn (eds.)

Volume 32 of staff III is a complement to quantity III/19 and bargains with the magnetic houses of metals, alloys and steel compounds which comprise at the least one transition element.
The current subvolume III/32C offers complete and evaluated facts on magnetic houses of alloys and compounds of d-elements with major crew components released frequently within the prior decade.

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Antiferromagnetic basal-plane moment appears above the dotted curve. 2500 0 10 400 Magnetic field H [Oe] Fig. 99. FeGe (cubic, B20 type). Dependence at 250 K of the integrated intensity of specific satellites around (000) on the magnetic field along the [011] direction. (1): ± Q0 (100); (2): ± (Q0 / 2 ) (011) appearing in the field direction above ≈ 80 Oe. 0090 Å–1 [89L1]. susceptibility cg [10 g cm ] 0 0 1000 Fig. 100. 1. Temperature dependence of the magnetic mass susceptibility χg and of its inverse, χ g−1 [92H1].

70 at 5 K T < 93 K: non-collinear; pFe canted from [110], cf. Fig. 107b 93 K < T < TN : collinear. Ferromagnetic (010) planes couple antiferromagnetically. pFe ʈ [010] at TN rotate in the (001) plane as T is lowered. cf. Fig. 2 K cf. Fig. 2 K Hhyp (119Sn) [kOe] IS (119Sn) [mm s–1] 1 ) Relative to BaSnO3 at RT. 70 FeSn2 1 Hyperfine field Hhyp [kOe] 60 50 40 30 T = 93 K 3 20 10 2 0 Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/32C 100 200 Temperature T [K] 300 400 Fig. 108. FeSn2. Temperature dependence of the hyperfine field Hhyp at an 119Sn atom.

0. The latter compound contains a small amount of undetermined second phase [90B1]. 087 χ(T;x), TN(x) 94, 95 Fe3Ge Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/32C a, c, Hhyp, ∆EQ, IS Table 9 Ref. p. 75 35 Fig. 91. 2Si. Magnetic phase diagram in a magnetic field vs. temperature plane, as determined from magnetic measurements on a single crystal with the magnetic field H along the [110] direction. The compound has a helical spin structure for H = 0. C: conical arrangement of the spins; IF: field-induced ferromagnetism; P: paramagnetism; "A": unknown spin structure with a dip of magnetization.

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