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By Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

Over a hundred tips for rookies and specialists trying to increase their telemark snowboarding. packed with humorous & useful illustrations.

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You get sucked down the fall line. That string (gravity) wants to pull you down the hill. Don't fight it! If you get out of the fall line or hold a turn too long, that string will get stressed out and torque you off balance. Don't let that happenembrace gravity and ski the fall line. Page 35 35 A flashlight in your belly button As you ski down the hill, you want to keep your upper body facing down the fall line. Think of your belly button as a flashlight that you must keep pointed directly down the hill.

So how do you accomplish this incredible feat? Basically by doing knee bends. When you bend your knees, the weight of your body begins to move in a downward motion (compression). It's this transfer of momentum to the skis which ''weights" them and causes them to bend underneath you. As you reverse this by standing up again (extension), your momentum takes an upward trajectory and 'unweights' the skis. Another way to think of this is as a coiled spring. As you compress (get shorter by bending the knees) the spring pushes down on the skis, weighting them.

Get used to skiing with a pack 54 57. Get Allen and Mike's other book! 55 58. Find a mantra 56 59. Keep the parallel turn in your bag of tricks 57 60.  . 61. Squeeze an orange between your legs 59 62. U se a lurk 60 63. Focus on something downhill 61 64. Do a run with loose boots 61 65. Spoon the tracks of a better skier 62 66. Ski without your poles 63 67. Rooster-tail off the back ski 64 68. Review your tracks 65 69. Make short fast turns 66 70. Ski the trees 67 71. Hockey stops 68 72.  . 73.

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