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The concentration is 1∕2 at the center of the sphere and can be determined at any position along the radius. 8 shows the profile when r = 1∕2 (See Eq. 2)). Assuming that the surface of the sphere is maintained at a constant concentration u(R, ????) = 1, a three-dimensional surface plot should produce a perfect sphere because the function is 1 for any value of ????. If u(R, ????) is selected such that u(R, ????) = 1 + 2 sin(????), the concentration at the boundary depends on ????, which would result in a deformed sphere.

Applying Eqs. 5) to Eq. 18) 26 ANALYSIS OF STEADY-STATE GROWTH FACTOR TRANSPORT • Determination of the general solution F1 (r, z) From Eq. 19) After replacing Eq. 19) into Eq. 20) The solution of Eq. 23) where and Note that C3 is a constant from the separation-of-variable method. 24) after solving Eqs. 23). 3) to Eq. 25) SOLUTION PROCEDURE FOR TRANSPORT THROUGH A TWO-LAYERED SCAFFOLD 27 • Determination of the general solution F2 (r, z) Following a technique similar to the one that yielded Eq. 26) and, by analogy to Eq.

2007b). The device is fabricated in such a way that the active agent remains confined in each cell prior to the release experiment. , layer 1); c2 (r, z) is its concentration in the space Closed-form Solutions for Drug Transport through Controlled-Release Devices in Two and Three Dimensions, First Edition. Laurent Simon and Juan Ospina. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Published 2016 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1 R Schematic of the double-layered scaffold system. , layer 2); ???? is the diffusivity in the polymeric matrix; k2 and kc are release and degradation rates, respectively; c10 and c20 are the initial drug concentrations.

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