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France gave Spain New Orleans and the vast territory of Louisiana, west of the Mississippi River. Britain was now the most powerful nation--period. Where did all of this leave the British colonies? Their colonial militias had fought with the British and they too benefited. The militias and their officers gained much experience in fighting which was very valuable later. The thirteen colonies began to realize that cooperating with each other was the only way to defend themselves. They didn't really understand that, until the war for independence and setting up a national government, but a start had been made.

French control centered from New Orleans north to what is now northern Canada including the entire Mississippi Valley, the St. Lawrence Valley, the Great Lakes, and the land that was part of the Louisiana Territory. A few West Indies islands were also part of France's empire. England settled the eastern seaboard of North America, including parts of Canada and from Maine to Georgia. Some West Indies islands also came under British control. The Dutch had New Amsterdam for a period but later ceded it into British hands.

They would provide raw materials for the industries in the Mother Country, be a market for the finished products by buying them, and assist the Mother Country in becoming powerful and strong (as in the case of Great Britain) by having a strong merchant fleet which would be a school for training for the Royal Navy and provide places as bases of operation for the Royal Navy. The foregoing explained the major reason for British encouragement and support of colonization, especially in North America.

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