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By Donald L. Sparks

Advances in Agronomy is still well-known as a number one reference and a prime resource for the newest learn in agronomy. As consistently, the themes lined are various and exemplary of the myriad of subject material handled by way of this long-running serial. * keeps the top impression issue between serial guides in agriculture * provides well timed studies on very important agronomy matters * Enjoys a long-standing acceptance for excellence within the box

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2009) Zhang et al. (2007) Mattsson et al. (2009) Harrison et al. (2005) 40 Nanthi S. Bolan et al. f. , exchangeable anions and cations); and g. , H2PO4À, SO42À, NO3À, and NH4þ ions in soil solution). , 2001). Soil organic N constitutes 90–98% of total N in most soils. , 1997). , 2004). Organic P occurs mostly as esters of orthophosphoric acid, although direct C–P compounds called phosphonates are also important in some soils (McDowell and Stewart, 2005). , 1996). These include inositol phosphates, phospholipids, nucleic acids, nucleotides, and sugar phosphates.

Fluorescence monodimensional spectroscopy in the emission, excitation, and synchronous scan modes and bi- and tri-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopies have also been widely applied in the study of FAs. The fluorescence emission spectra of FAs generally consist of a unique broadband with a maximum wavelength that ranges from 445 to 465 nm. Fluorescence excitation spectra of FAs generally feature one main peak in the intermediate region of the spectrum (around 390 nm) with additional minor peaks and shoulders at longer and/or shorter wavelengths.

2003). For example, addition of liming materials such as calcium carbonate (CaCO3), dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2), and magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) increased mineralization and the leaching of DOM and accumulated sulfur with decreasing Ca2þ concentration in the lime (Valeur et al. 2000). In addition to the mobilization of dissolved organic N and P via direct input, Kaiser et al. , hydrophobic and hydrophilic fractions) can affect mobility in soil. ) forest has most of the DON and DOP concentrated in the 42 Nanthi S.

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