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By Deborah Cook

Many years prior to the environmental circulation emerged within the Sixties, Adorno condemned our damaging and self-destructive dating to the flora and fauna, caution of the disaster which can end result if we proceed to regard nature as an item that exists solely for our personal profit. Adorno on Nature provides the 1st distinct exam of the pivotal function of the assumption of typical heritage in Adorno’s paintings. A comparability of Adorno’s issues with these of key ecological theorists—social ecologist Murray Bookchin, ecofeminist Carolyn service provider, and deep ecologist Arne Naess—reveals how Adorno speaks on to a lot of today’s such a lot urgent environmental concerns. finishing with a dialogue of the philosophical conundrum of team spirit in variety, Adorno on Nature additionally explores how social cohesion might be promoted as an important technique of confronting environmental problems.

“Adorno is without doubt one of the such a lot subtle and thorough materialists of the final century, and cook dinner introduces with a lot precision (and sympathy for these now not already conversant in Adorno’s paintings) the variety and energy of Adorno’s strategy. Adorno on Nature capabilities partly, then, as a corrective to fresh overlook of Adorno’s dedication to Marxist materialism.” —Mind

“A necessary and persuasive account of Adorno’s thought of nature and its dating with the idea of, certainly, Marx, but additionally Hegel, Kant and, to a lesser quantity, Freud.” —Marx and Philosophy

“A entire and cautious research of the an important and sometimes underestimated position of nature in Adorno, tracing Adorno’s belief of ‘natural history’ from the Nineteen Thirties to the Nineteen Sixties and articulating its implications for environmental philosophy and activism.” —Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

“Due to its admirable readability, the publication could be super worthwhile to these unusual with Adorno. whilst, Cook’s meticulous research of Adorno’s texts and her dialogue of secondary literature may also be of significant curiosity to students good versed in Adorno’s work.” —Environmental Values

“Deborah prepare dinner truly and punctiliously explores how Adorno’s obstacle with nature organises his complete philosophy. She exhibits the relevance of his paintings for figuring out the environmental crisis.” —Alison Stone, Lancaster University

“Deborah cook dinner presents an illuminating examine of the idea that of nature in Adorno and the way it emerges and is still a important element of his paintings, undergirding the main issues of his philosophy. basically and lucidly featuring Adorno’s complicated principles, cook dinner offers a piece that are meant to be of curiosity to either scholars and students of Adorno’s very important work.” —Douglas Kellner, UCLA

“The reconstruction of Adorno provided here's compelling and should aid restoration curiosity during this refined materialist.” —Journal of serious Realism

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