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How is this ebbing of the disease to be explained? We still do not know all about it . It is a general experience that every epidemic, whether combated or let alone, attains a certain height after which it ebbs away more or less rapidly . There are several reasons for this . First of all, the disease once passed gave the sufferer immunity against a new attack . Even the slight and slightest diseases afford some such protection, and it seems that so-called "mute" infections are very frequent . By "mute" infections we mean such as produce neither disease nor sensation of illness .

To this day the cause of the reaction has not been explained beyond doubt . Weil and Felix regarded their proteus-stock as the causative organism . When later other organisms could be accepted as the living cause with greater probability, one had to regard the reaction as an accidental coincidence, unless one held with Kuczinsky that the new organism is possibly an outgrowth- of the proteus, which so far has not been accepted by other investigators . In the spring of 1915 these diagnostic aids were not yet available, and one had to recognize the disease by its symptoms .

This campaign, which definitely freed East Prussia of the Russians, is worthy of notice not only on account of the tremendous efforts in marching and fighting, but especially on account of the extraordinary circumstances under which they were made. Violent cold of 15 to 18 degrees below zero (C) with a sharp east wind had rid the roads of snow and transformed them into smooth ice paths, on which troops, guns and trucks had to struggle forward with great fatigue . A few days later I went 32 A GERMAN DOCTOR AT THE FRONT over these roads .

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