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4 V. Additional external series resistors can be added to increase this level considerably, at the expense of higher circuit noise level. The AD8221 in-amp is a very low noise device, with a maximum (eNI ) 8 nV/÷Hz. A single 1 k resistor will add approximately 107 nV/÷Hz of noise. 5 V with 15 V supplies. Figure 5-6 shows the input section of the AD620 inamp. This is very similar to that of the AD8221: both use a 400  resistor in series with each input, and both use diode protection. The chief differences are the four additional AD8221 diodes.

Figure 5-9. Using External Components to Increase Input Protection Despite their limitations, external diodes are often required in some special applications, such as electric shock defibrillators, which utilize short duration, high voltage pulses. The combination of external diodes and very large input resistors (as high as 100 k) may be needed to adequately protect the in-amp.

Frequency ((RTI) 0 to 1 k Source Imbalance) ���� �� ��� �� �� �� Single-supply in-amps have special design problems that need to be addressed. The input stage must be able to amplify signals that are at ground potential (or very close to ground), and the output stage needs to be able to swing to within a few millivolts of ground or the supply rail. Low power supply current is also important. And, when operating from low power supply voltages, the in-amp needs to have an adequate gain bandwidth product, low offset voltage drift, and good CMR vs.

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