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13. 12 A superclass Account and its subclasses Savings and Checking. 13 An example of inheritance hierarchy among different types of students. complex programs very efficiently and elegantly. The flip side of using a very powerful tool is that if we do not use it correctly, we could end up in a far worse situation than if we did not use it. We will be seeing many examples of inheritance throughout this book. In Chapter 2, for example, we will introduce many classes that come with the Java system.

Provided that a solution is possible, the result of this phase is a requirements specification that describes the features of a program. The features must be stated in a manner that is testable. One of the features for the address book program may be the capability to search for a person by giving his or her first name. We can test this feature by running the program and actually searching for a person. We verify that the program behaves as specified when the first name of a person in the address book and the first name of a person not in the address book are entered as a search condition.

Divide the quotient by 2. The remainder is the bit value of the 21 position. Divide the quotient by 2. The remainder is the bit value of the 22 position. Repeat the procedure until you cannot divide any further, that is, until the quotient becomes 0. 2 Computer Architecture 7 The following diagram illustrates the conversion of decimal number 25. Division #5 Division #4 Division #3 Division #2 0 ෆ1ෆ1ෆ 2ͤ1 0 1 ෆ3ෆ1ෆ 2ͤ1 2 3 ෆ6ෆ1ෆ 2ͤ1 6 6 ෆ1ෆ2ෆ1ෆ 2ͤ1 12 1 1 24 16 0 23 ϩ 8 0 12 2ͤ1ෆ2ෆ5ෆ1ෆ 24 0 22 ϩ Division #1 1 21 ϩ 0 20 ϩ 1 ϭ 25 The binary system is more suitable for computers than the decimal system because it is far easier to design an electrical device that can distinguish two states (bits 0 and 1) than 10 states (digits 0 through 9).

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