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Social dialectology: in honour of Peter Trudgill

The time-honoured examine of dialects took a brand new flip a few 40 years in the past, giving centre degree to social elements and the quantitative research of language edition and alter. It has develop into a self-discipline that no pupil of language can manage to pay for to disregard. This assortment identifies the most theoretical and methodological concerns at the moment preoccupying researchers in social dialectology, drawing not just on edition in English within the united kingdom, united states, New Zealand, Europe and in other places but additionally in Arabic, Greek, Norwegian and Spanish dialects.

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Call for „FLAPS _____“ according to flap Position flap lever as directed, and call retraction schedule. "FLAPS _____ SET", when flaps have reached the commanded position. After flap retraction and missed approach altitude captured, call for appropriate reference thrust mode . Set appropriate thrust on TMSP. (in case of continuous climb to CRZ altitude set climb thrust and then FLCH – observe 10 MIN Thrust Limit) Verify missed approach route being tracked and missed approach altitude captured. 32 Accomplish AFTER TAKEOFF checklist.

N1 rotation must increase at EGT rise. • EGT must stay within limits. • N2 should reach idle within two minutes after selecting RUN. 3 March 18, 2000 Lauda Air BOEING 767 Operations Manual Normal Procedures Amplified Procedures Repeat procedure to start remaining engine. Note: Momentary ENGINE STARTER message may occur on initiation of second engine start. After Start Procedure After start setup .................................................. Command C APU selector...............................................................

3 March 18, 2000 Select next flap position when Within 20 knots of the maneuvering Speed for that position and Accelerating. 7 Lauda Air BOEING 767 Operations Manual Normal Procedures Standard Callouts Chapter NP Section 40 Standard Callouts Both crewmembers should be aware of altitude, airplane position and situation. Avoid casual and non-essential conversation during critical phases of flight, particularly during taxi, takeoff, approach and landing. Unnecessary conversation reduces crew efficiency and alertness and is prohibited when below 10,000 feet.

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