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Otherwise, grab Virtual PC 2007 from the same place. com/products/ server. You’ll have to supply the copy of Windows yourself though, and install it from scratch. 292 Try out a compatibility mode: Short of emulation, your only option for old Windows programs is a compatibility mode. Right-click a program, choose ‘Properties’ and open the Compatibility tab. This rarely seems to work, but it’s worth a shot. Set the program to run in compatibility mode for any of the supported OSes, which range from Windows 95 to Windows Vista, along with their service packs.

Windows 7 comes with an installation disc for its 32-bit version. You lose out overall if you have more than 2GB of memory though, so don’t downgrade on a whim. 295 Use older hardware: The nuclear option is to pick up old hardware and build a new PC. Look on Ebay and in second-hand markets, or ask friends and family if they have an old clunker they’re willing to donate. 1 and its games and applications. It’s worth taking the emulation route first, though. Virtual machines are happy to translate for these old operating systems, letting your existing soundcard and processor do the talking.

They’ll be slower, but on systems that old, there’ll be no shortage of power. Use hotkeys: DOSBox has many useful hotkeys, but the main ones are [CTRL]+[F11] to slow down the emulation speed, and [CTRL]+[12] to increase it. Press [ALT]+[F12] to turn off any limiters. Avoid [Alt]+[Tab]bing out. You can do it, but it may causes problems with colours. 300 Edit a config file: For games that won’t play ball, you can hand-tweak DOSBox’s settings by editing a configuration file. This is a very complicated looking document, but it’s nothing more than a list of options.

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